Technical Assistance in Community Mobilisation – Sustainable Rural Development in the Eastern Cape (SURUDEC) Programme

Mobilisation and technical support to rural communities of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, in applying for development grants from the EU-funded SURUDEC programme administered by the Eastern Cape Office of the Premier.


(SLC was the local implementing partner for Cardno Agrisystems Limited (UK), under Framework Contract EuropeAid/119860/C/ SV/Multi-Lot 1 Rural Development and Food Security).


The Eastern Cape Office of the Premier and European Union (EU)

Consultancy team

Leif Petersen, Celia Theart, Gcina Madasa, Andrew Charman


SURUDEC is run by the EU and the Government of South Africa. Its aim is to contribute towards the government’s objectives of uplifting impoverished rural communities in the Eastern Cape by providing grant funds to support community-based development initiatives. The programme also prioritizes initiatives that strengthen existing community assets so that communities are able to drive the development process on their own terms.


SLC was approached to support community mobilisation and technical support activities for both Calls of the Programme. The main aim of the consultancy was therefore to support SURUDEC in branding, media, internet, marketing, networking and the official launching of the project. Furthermore, the consultancy was required to support SURUDEC through mobilisation and the provision of technical support to potential community and partner beneficiaries to ensure an adequate response to the calls for proposals.

To this end, SLC produced a series of comprehensive toolkit documents to aid potential EU applicants in accessing funds. These documents were then promoted and workshopped in a roadshow that travelled throughout the Eastern Cape. More than 30 separate meetings at 12 regional locations in the province were held. SLC, as team leaders for this exercise, managed the group of consultants and collaborators providing marketing, communications (via an innovative use of sms technology, mass media and email), training materials, technical assistance and the review of draft applications for more than 140 applicants. In addition, the team produced significant branding, website and marketing information for publicising SURUDEC and its aims.

SLC’s mobilisation strategy generated more than 350 Concept Note applications from the Eastern Cape for two grants from a pool of R70 million.

The applicants all confirmed that they found SLC’s technical toolkit support documents highly useful and valuable for meeting the complex and lengthy EU application criteria. Please contact us if you would like to obtain
an abridged version.

SURUDEC meeting in King Williams’ Town, Eastern Cape, 2009




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