About us

SLC was established in 2005, as a development of the intellectual understanding of the sustainable livelihoods approach.

Livelihoods are much more than the pursuit of economic endeavours, rather comprising all social activities through which people build relationships to use, manage and conserve the assets that can sustain their material and non-material existence. SLC’s objective is for people to be able to live freely, utilizing their assets effectively to achieve prosperity and intellectual satisfaction, in a manner that sustains the environment and permits equal opportunities to others.

Our company logo is derived from a pattern found on an ancient clay pot that was dredged by a fisherman from the bed of Lake Malawi and given to one of SLC’s founding members. We regard this pot as symbolic of the need to fulfil basic human requirements in the pursuit of development. The story of this pot inspires SLC to work towards sustainable development so that livelihood interventions do not result in artefacts or relics that one day will be forgotten.

Building on the experience of its founding members, SLC provides a range of advisory and consulting services by drawing together an alliance of technical experts, practitioners, and researchers in Southern Africa. These strategic alliances have resulted in range of innovative consultancies successfully accomplished in Botswana, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The company has since enhanced its capacity to provide specialist social and economic research and advisory services through collaboration with over fifty leading development experts. In 2008 we formally amalgamated with the African Conservation & Training Association (ACTA) and embraced ACTA’s core competency in natural resource management and training in conservation and related livelihoods.

The company recognises the need to invest in people and especially enhance opportunities for individuals from previously disadvantaged communities. We positively support the objectives of the Government of South Africa’s Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy through working in consortia with black-owned consultancies, providing student internship opportunities for promising graduates, offering pro bono advice, and employing research assistants and facilitators from project-relevant local communities to support our field activities.

SLC is wholly owned and managed by Andrew Charman and Leif Petersen. Mr Andrew Hartnack has joined SLC as a senior associate consultant. The company embraces a cooperative philosophy, sharing contract profits with its affiliated consultants and strategic partners.